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Jonathan Gold’s much anticipated 101 Best Restaurants list hit the press this morning. The first-annual list published by the LA Times is a 68 page (ads included) love letter to LA’s best dining establishments. It begins and ends with two LA icons – Providence and The Apple Pan.

In an interview with Evan Kleiman, Jonathan says that choosing 101 favorites is not an easy task in a city of twenty to thirty thousand restaurants. Listen below as he runs through his top ten picks and explains why he chose them. Plus, the conversation takes a brief detour as to who makes the best knishes in Los Angeles. (The answer is rather surprising.)

Below is a map of the top 20. LA Times subscribers can see a digital list of the 101 here.

View Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants on

What restaurants would you add to this list?

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  • George

    So now we have to pay to see restaurant ads? What next? Charge for searching on Google? Instead of posting "reviews" of restaurants, how about helping people out with a list of deals like we do at: There is a recession you know…

  • Whitney Green

    And how else would you propose paying for the "free" information and links, and good work that people like Jonathan Gold do? Are you willing to pay subscription? No? I didn't think so. Everyone wants everything for "free".

  • Erik

    This past weekend I tried Rocio's in the Valley based off this list. Jonathan's list consistently touches the fringes. I'd never have thought of eathing there, but the mole was fantastic!