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Jonathan Gold’s much anticipated 101 Best Restaurants list hit the press this morning. The first-annual list published by the LA Times is a 68 page (ads included) love letter to LA’s best dining establishments. It begins and ends with two LA icons – Providence and The Apple Pan.

In an interview with Evan Kleiman, Jonathan says that choosing 101 favorites is not an easy task in a city of twenty to thirty thousand restaurants. Listen below as he runs through his top ten picks and explains why he chose them. Plus, the conversation takes a brief detour as to who makes the best knishes in Los Angeles. (The answer is rather surprising.)

Below is a map of the top 20. LA Times subscribers can see a digital list of the 101 here.

View Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants on

What restaurants would you add to this list?

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  • George said:

    So now we have to pay to see restaurant ads? What next? Charge for searching on Google? Instead of posting "reviews" of restaurants, how about helping people out with a list of deals like we do at: There is a recession you know…

  • Whitney Green said:

    And how else would you propose paying for the "free" information and links, and good work that people like Jonathan Gold do? Are you willing to pay subscription? No? I didn't think so. Everyone wants everything for "free".

  • Erik said:

    This past weekend I tried Rocio's in the Valley based off this list. Jonathan's list consistently touches the fringes. I'd never have thought of eathing there, but the mole was fantastic!