This Week on Good Food: The Vegetarian Show: J Gold Goes Raw, Vegan Beer, The Juicing Trend

moon jiuce

It’s the first ever all-vegetarian episode of Good Food. Jonathan Gold gains a new appreciation for raw, vegan food when he visits Matthew Kenney’s M.A.K.E and Mark Bittman shares advice on how to eat (and cheat) vegan before six. Chef Tal Ronnen explains how he was able to coax curds and whey out of almond milk for a uniquely delicious vegan cheese. Tony Yanow and vegan blogger Quarry Girl are co-hosting the upcoming Vegan Beer and Food Festival. Yannow discusses vegan beer and Quarry Girl gives us a round up of her favorite vegan eats in LA. New York Times writer Jeff Gordinier weighs in on the juice trend and KCRW employees share what they love and hate about juicing. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Barnyard chef Jesse Barber about how he prepares oyster mushrooms and mushroom cultivator Tanya Wyatt says it took her a year to find the right growing conditions for her mushrooms.

  • matthew

    Felt like this episode highlighted the depravity of a meatless diet and I know my wife and I never feel that way about our food. One counter-intuitive aspect of a meatless diet is it forces you to broaden horizons (you can't just decide on a piece of meat for dinner, so you've got to seek out a more varied diet than most). Pan fried yu-choy with xo sauce, warm farro salads, marinated tempeh sandwiches, pickled chayote, roasted parsnips, barley, goji berries, …
    I was hoping Jonathan Gold would skip the raw vegan restaurant and head instead to Happy Family or Gourmet Vegetarian in the SGV where I'd expect him to discover umami-packed zhajiang noodles or mustard greens tossed with paper thin bean curd and dusted with white pepper. You can have flavor alongside virtuosity (though the waitress did once proudly inform me that the pea shoots were high in fiber).
    Another note on flavor, I was hoping you would mention for vegan meals that definitely don't tread in rabbit food territory. I think most visitors wouldn't realize it's vegan unless someone told them so.

  • PLEASE READ MY BLOG POST. OMGoodness I am so glad to hear this BUT you neglected to mention the most crucial issue with this juicing craze.

  • fhp

    So full of interesting info in which I can partake.

  • It is pretty hard to beat juicing, although I would add it to an existing diet rather than try and exclude other things.