This Week on Good Food: Pressure Cookers, Girl Scout Cookies, Kale Pesto

girl scout cookies
Girl Scout Violet Paulsen making her cookie rounds.

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season, but some girls are conflicted about selling cookies. Good Food Producer Gillian Ferguson finds out why. The pressure cooker is back en vogue and Cook’s Illustrated’s Christopher Kimball is at the forefront of the resurgence. Baker Julie Richardson is giving old recipes a new look in her book Vintage Cakes and Chef Jason Neroni shares his fresh take on pesto. Wine guru Stacie Hunt tells us that Moscato sales are up thanks to mentions in hip hop songs. Plus, coffee researcher Aaron Davis explains how climate change will affect coffee growing regions and Jonathan Gold reviews Le Ka in Downtown LA. At the market Laura Avery talks to Chef Ari Taymor about his menu at Alma and she introduces Christine Brown, a new cherimoya farmer, to the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market.

  • elhadj sane

    In response to your girls scout cookies.

    Now wait a minutes, how unfair of you to label all palm oil as environmentally unsustainable. I am from Senegal and our palm oil is consciously harvested, with Zero negative effect on deforestation, which leads to topsoil erosion. The palm oil industry in Senegal employs over half a million people mostly indigents people, I should also add 80% of these workers are women. Respectfully the palm oil you wish to stay away from is Indonesian, Philippino and Malaysian palm oil. Not West African , Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast etc….

    Unlike West Africa palm oil plantation, which is exclusively sustainable, the average plantation is over nearly 35 years old. Unlike south East Asians, in W. Africa No trees or forest has been disseminated to grow palm tree. You should stand corrected.

    Sadly by labeling all palm oil as bad you discourage potential customers from buying and consuming environmentally harvested palm oil, which is rather healthy and hardy oil, much healthy than olive oil.
    You should Do your homework before labeling an entire industry.

    I request to extend an apologies on behave of all those West African palm oil farmers.

    WEST African palm oil, shear butter from Mali and Senegal, should Not be bunched in or generalized are bad for mother earth.


    Elhadj Sane

    • gillianferg

      Elhadj, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The orangutans that the Girl Scouts are concerned about are native to Indonesia. Please accept our apology for not making this clear on the program. We will make sure that this is clear on our website and blog.