Where to Find Poutine in Los Angeles

This weekend on Good Food Evan interviews Top Chef’s Gail Simmons about the food of her native Canada. Of course, no discussion of Canadian cuisine would be complete without a mention of poutine – the Québécois dish of french fries smothered in gravy and topped with fresh squeaky cheese curds.



Originally, Gail explains, poutine was popularized in Canada’s alpine ski lodges as a hearty snack after a long day on the slopes. Despite it’s humble origins, nowadays chefs in Montreal are creating haute-poutines that favor venison jus and a lobe of foie gras in lieu of the classic gravy and curds. Gail says she is pleased to see Americans “catching on” to her country’s classic dish and quite frankly we are too.

If you are searching for “upscale” poutine try Animal’s version with cheddar cheese and oxtail ragu or Chef Casey Lane’s poutine with fried oysters or his poutine with pigs feet at The Parish. For a more low-brow (some might say traditional) approach check out Redondo Beach Cafe where the Montreal-born Tsanganis brothers are serving a classic poutine with gravy and curds. The video below shows just how they make it…

And for more on where to find poutine in the LA area, check out Lesley Balla’s indispensable round up on the Zagat Blog.

  • jrose

    In these LA poutine articles, people always forget to mention P'tit Soleil in Westwood, a French-Canadian-owned cafe that serves up a large variety of "traditional" poutine. I have eaten there and it is good.

    • Lesley

      I always get accused of forgetting the one in Redondo, but P'tit Soleil I remmeber. http://blog.zagat.com/2013/01/12-must-try-poutine

      • gillianferg

        Thanks you two! Lesley I'm going to add your link to the post now.

    • Val

      Redondo Beach Cafe and P'tit Soleil are the two most authentic traditional renditions (understandably since both are helmed by Quebec ex-pats) I've tried in the Los Angeles area – the Gravy Train Poutinerie [food truck] comes in a close third, although their classic poutine is a close approximation.

  • Burger Boy

    26 Beach Restaurant has these Demi-Fries, grilled mushrooms & onions in a sinful demi sauce with Brie & Mozzarella! Crazy Good!

  • Fan of Good Food

    I love Canada, especially Montreal, having worked in nearby Ottawa. Montreal rivals NYC, and therefore trounces LA, in terms of great meals — mais soi reasonable! Poutine is garbage! It's awful! Carbs and fat with sauces that sit in their own putrid juices forever. It's foul on the street, foul in restaurants and makes MacDonald's look like an epicure's dream. What next, s'mores as a great dessert?! SPAM as delicacy?!