Where to Eat This Weekend in Los Angeles: Bestia

Photo: Anne Fishbein
Photo: Anne Fishbein

This week on Good Food Jonathan Gold reviews Bestia, the brainchild of chef Ori Menashe. Menashe worked under Chef Gino Angelini for years before opening Bestia late last year. Jonathan  describes the restaurant as truly Italian. He recommends ordering the house made charcuterie, the Cassoela Milanese, cavatelli alla norcina, beef heart tartare and rice pudding for dessert.

2121 E 7th Pl
(213) 514-5724

All of Jonathan Gold’s restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food Restaurant Map.

  • Gillian Wagner

    Great food – but they do rush you. Slow down guys, we want to savor the feast.

  • It's pretty surprising that KCRW, a purportedly progressive station, would be pushing such unhealthy and cruelly raised food. Not only is this food causing untold misery, cancer and heart disease, it is made of animals who are tortured and butchered. To top it off, meat production causes more pollution thn all the cars in the world combined, siphoning off precious water and grains for people who are thristy and hungry around the world.

    Why not advertise healthy food, fair labor, and promote animal welfare? Isn't that more in line with what KCRW listeners stand for?

    I think so and I am writing on behalf of our national membership. Hey, thanks for listening!
    Carole Raphaelle Davis, West Coast Director, Companion Animal Protection Society http://www.caps-web.org

    • Ross

      It seems rather presumptuous to assume that "progressive" is synonimous with vegetarian fascism.

    • Danielle Charney

      I am with Carole too- it seems torturing animals and destroying the planet fits the "macho chef" image-there couldn't be a more tired male image than a screaming ego maniac throwing things and ripping out a heart for someone to eat raw- wow- since when did Manley Tale Theatre mean cruelty had to be shown or it was Vegan Fascism? Especially because an animal's entire existence on this earth is to feed your fat face- treat it well – at least do that much

  • KCRW monthly member

    Agree with Carole. I am a proud member and love KCRW, but I often think how unfriendly they are toward animal welfare.

  • Heather

    I love that KCRW explores interesting new ideas in every realm. It's sad that some zealots want to censor it based on their own opinions. I love the new restaurants Jonathan Gold reviews. He is excellent.
    By the way, animals don't naturally eat grains and people don't get the best effects from them either. I'm sure the hungry that Carole speaks of would much rather have some healthy meat to feed their families.

    Danielle, that is a very sexist statement for you to place a violent image on males in general. Furthermore, the heart has a lot of vitamins and should not be wasted.