The Jewish Deli Zodiac

Today on Good Food, Evan talks to comedy writer Seth Front, creator of the Jewish Deli Zodiac. His food centric translation of the Chinese Zodiac highlights the Year of the Lox instead of the Year of the Ox. Turns out I’m a latke…working class with a grating exterior, I’m a real softie on the inside. Click on the Jewish Deli Zodiac placemat below to find out what your sign is.


  • Terry Speth

    Can't wait to find out what my sign is. After all these years!!

  • Jerome V.

    hey Seth,
    wonderful spot. Enjoyed it.

    Just one point – in order for cows to give milk,, they have to calve, sometims more than once in a productive lifetime. . Sometimes you get a female, and sometimes you get a male. Dairymen like tevye didn't need a bunch of bulls, usually only one or two cows. So they'd raise the male, and usually they'd slaughter it either for the fall or the spring holidays. There are plenty of stories in Hebrew and yiddish about kids bonding with the calf. And if it got big enough, they'd slaughter it and might sell the two hind quarters if the local shochet didn't know how or wasn't wiling to put in the heavy work to kasher the hind quarters. In this country, most kosher butchers just sell the hind quarters.
    but it wasn't a common food – esp for the poor.
    end part 1

  • Jerome V

    and in re: chopped liver – anyone can check Larousse on food, but Jews in the Rhineland kept up the Roman tradition of making foie gras on geese and ducks (Rashi criticises the custom). Certainly, the Jews in Hungary and what is now the Czech Republic and Slovakia raised geese and also made enlarged livers (which are produced now in Israel). So if you look at choped chicken liver as not just chopped pultry liver but considering the amount of fat added (including "friven" which are delicious from geese and ducks) you can see it's just a poor man's foie gras.

    wonderful segment.

    end part 2. thnks.

  • Nanette

    Enjoyed the interview, but the zodiac is a marketing gimmick. Click on the link and shop away! After all, it's Hanukkah, and there must be latkes of gifts to buy!!!

  • Mike H.

    Great Work Seth!! Keep up the good work, your Jewish Zodiac is buzzing everywhere online!