Recipe: Susan Feniger’s Bhel Puri (Indian Puffed Rice Salad)

Tomorrow on Good Food we highlight some of our favorite cookbooks of 2012. Susan Feniger’s Street Food lives up to the book’s sub title: Irresistibly Crispy, Creamy. Crunchy, Spicy, Sticky, Sweet Recipes and this recipe for Bhel Puri is no exception.

Feniger cites her first trip to India in 1982 as transformational for her career. She fell in love with the complex flavors and textures that were so different than her French food background. Keep reading to learn how to make her Bhel Puri at home…


  • Shari

    Uhm, but where does one obtain Bhel Puri puffed rice??

    • gillianferg

      Try a local Indian grocery!

    • Shaila

      You can just use plain Rice Krispies cereal. I'm 2nd generation Indo American & that's what my mom & her friends would often do.

  • Ahhh, Indian Food. The ultimate comfort food. I think I would travel to India just to try the food nonstop for a week. Too bad I'd probably end up in the bathroom nonstop for the next week!

  • This is good recipe for health and i would like to eat this food. Thanks for sharing valuable recipe