Recipe: Brown Butter-Glazed Caramel Date and Walnut Rolls

This weekend on Good Food, Laura Avery interviews Amelia Saltsman, author of the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook about her farmers market inspired holiday cookies.

Inspired by a recipe in The Fannie Farmer Baking Book, these bite-sized confections makes use of the fresh walnut and date harvests that are at Southern California markets right now. A drizzle of brown butter glaze on top, plus a pinch of fleur de sel make these little nuggets the perfect holiday bite.

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  • Brent

    Sounds like a Sticky Toffee Cookie. 60 may not be enough!

    • I never thought of it as a market version of such decadence, but you're right!

  • Liane

    These sounded intriguing, so I got up early Friday morning to try them out. I'm sorry to say that they required quite a bit of fiddling and in the end did not really work for me. After pitting and stuffing all the dates (admittedly a pleasant enough task) , my cookie batter was too thick to allow for dipping. I had to smear the batter over and around each individual date, which I think yielded too much batter per confection. Then the glaze did not come together. At first it was too watery`so I let it cook down a bit, at which point the sugar caramelized and separated from the butter (stirred it off the heat, the sugar seized up, let it caramelize some more, the butter separated out completely, no amount of stirring helped to emulsify the glaze) In the end, I poured the glaze over the cookies and let the excess butter run off. It did harden nicely, and tasted great, but didn't seem to me to be the syrupy glaze that was intended. I ended up with pleasant enough date nut cookies with a shiny, hard caramel drizzle, but I think they would have been just as good (maybe better) had I just chopped the dates and walnuts and mixed them into the batter. Did I do something (or several things) wrong? Has anyone else tried these out with different results?