Outtake: Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Bee Wilson is the author of the book Consider the Fork – a history of kitchen technology.  In this outtake, Evan talks to her about some of her favorite (non-electric) kitchen tools – the wooden spoon, her aeropress coffee maker and her potato ricer. Hear the entire interview between Evan and Bee this Saturday on Good Food.

What kitchen gadgets can you not live without?

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  • I used to think that I am an old school chef that relies only on the kitchen utensils as my weapons for culinary immersion. But I can no longer live without my iPad and camera phone. Think recipes online and instagram.

  • jamees walker

    I used to think that I am an old university chief cook that is based only on your kitchen tools as my weaponry for cooking engagement. But I can no longer stay without my iPad and photographic camera phone. Think dishes online and instagram.
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