Outtake: How the military invented the microwave

In this outtake, Evan talks to Bee Wilson, author of Consider the Fork, about how the military influenced technological advancement in the kitchen. Hear more from Bee this Saturday on Good Food.

[soundcloud id=’71762403′]

  • sbj1964

    The microwave oven is the best thing the military ever invented.From war to pop corn in 3 minutes.Many of todays technology's were derived from war,and the space program of the 60's.

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  • Among all the invention made by the military, the microwave is definitely the best. We never would have tried popcorn without these guys. It's amazing.

  • I've actually never used a microwave in my life..

  • eavedrop44

    From war to pop corn in 3 minutes.Many of todays technology's were derived from war,and the space program of the 60's. Juegosindie

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  • The is amazing to know that they could do this development in kitchen product . I think they made this product for their personal use but later it becomes the regular item for your kitchens.

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