Deep End Diner Eddie Lin visits The Charleston where bartender Myke Ramos makes a bacon infused cocktail that he calls the Sallie Unswined. The drink combines muddled pear, rye whisky and a bacon simple syrup. The glass is rimmed with bacon sugar and the cocktail is topped off with a candied bacon swizzle stick. Check out the video here and keep reading for the recipe…


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  • ABT

    Great drink ! Great guy on camera ! Horrible lighting made me a lot less interested. Consider revising your production value.

  • Myke

    Yea the bar is super dark though.

  • Sallie

    AHHH THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Sallie

  • marwan

    i don't think we have this spanish paprika, what is it anyway
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  • Boni

    Like most of the other cocktail recipes, you’ll need to prepare some bacon-washed vodka for this.

  • Quelle

    I liked the video, it was very cool…

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  • reckoner11

    Great idea! but I'm gonna omit the stick of candied bacon.
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