Good Food’s 2012 Cookbook Giveaway: Day 9

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Today is Day 9 of our annual cookbook giveaway. Every weekday until Friday, December 21, we’ll be giving away a cookbook at noon on the blog.

How does it work?

The first person to answer the day’s trivia question wins the cookbook. Answer below in the comments section.

Later in the day we’ll post a comment asking the winner to email us at with his or her mailing address. Be sure to check the comments section to see if you’ve won. You may only win once during this season’s giveaway.

If you’re the lucky trivia answerer, we’ll mail you a shiny new cookbook!

Today’s question:

Name a Southern California restaurant shaped like its name.

  • elizabeth

    randys donuts

    • Good Food

      Hi Elizabeth, you're today's winner. Please email your mailing address to so we can send you your cookbook.

  • littabitty

    the brown derby

  • Amanda

    Tail O' The Pup

  • Danielle

    I'm guessing the Oscar Meyer weiner mobile doesn't count so I'll go with the Warehouse in the Marina.

  • Aik


  • Richard

    Square One.

  • Eric

    Randy's, I was gonna say that, lol!