Tomorrow on Good Food you will hear about a fake turkey dinner hosted by Evan George of the Hot Knives. The dinner itself wasn’t fake, but the turkey was.

So how did it taste? 

Not bad thanks to the delightful Shittake Mushroom Gravy that Evan George ladled over the slabs of soy bird. In the end Evan Kleiman declared the faux meat “eminently edible” but admitted if she ate it again that she’d have to ask Evan George to make the gravy to go alongside it. In short – it’s pretty bomb gravy. So keep reading for the recipe…









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  • Can a Fake Turkey Taste Good? | Good Food said:

    [...] Evan George is a producer at KCRW and one half of the vegetarian blogging and cookbook author duo Hot Knives. He invited a group of discerning tasters to his house recently to test out a fake turkey. The group included Good Food’s Evan Kleiman, Lesley Barger Suter of Los Angeles Magazine and butcher duo Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura (aka Lindy & Grundy). Needless to say he had invited some tough customers. In the end Evan Kleiman declares the fake bird “eminently edible” thanks to the delicious Shitakke Mushroom Gravy. [...]

  • Shannon said:

    Is the 1/4 tsp. cayenne the correct amount? I made the gravy with a little less than the listed amount and it was quite spicy. Tasty (fortunately we like hot food) , just not what I was expecting. Do different brands of cayenne vary in their heat levels?