Every week I answer a question from a Good Food listener. You can email me a question to goodfood@kcrw.com, leave one on Facebook or add one in the comments section here. This week’s came from Daniel:

If I Put My Pyrex Pie Dish Over or Near Direct Flame Will It Explode?

It is true that Pyrex tells you to avoid putting their baking dishes on a direct flame or directly under a broiler for fear that it will explode, but I guess I’ve never been known to be a stickler for following directions.  The only oven I have is a large version of a toaster oven and all the pies I make are in Pyrex.  I’ve only had one break and I just think its time had come.

As for putting them on top of a direct flame, I have to admit the first time I did it, I was ready for disaster.  But only deliciousness happened.  So my advice is do it at your risk.  For stove top cooking maybe you would be more comfortable using a flame diffuser. If you are making Tatins quite often I would suggest eventually buying a Tatin pan.

Thanks so much for asking me about the pyrex.  Good food for thought.


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