6,000 Chinese Restaurants and Counting

This week on Good Food you’ll meet David Chan.  By day, he is an accountant and attorney. By night you would think he’s a Chinese food-eating machine.  He has eaten in over 6,000 Chinese restaurants and there is no sign he is stopping any time soon, with a goal of eating at every Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles at least once.  Here is a sampling from the Excel spreadsheet that David keeps to organize his eating escapades along with an interactive map. Click on each restaurant for his recommended dishes.

View 6,000 Chinese Restaurants and Counting in a larger map

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  • http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/ping1ticket Titus Rapacki

    Hey! This site is great! Keep it coming!

  • JerryFurry

    I'm proud to say that a lot of asian restaurants london are now topping the charts. Yes, thousands and counting. We wanted the world to know how great Asians are when it comes to food and delicacies. I love their seafood expertise. If you're tired and bored with meat and too much carbs, you should try this one.

  • http://www.dayananconsulting.com Martin Gru

    I wonder how long he's been at it. 6000/365 would equal 16 restaurants a day