Travel to Eat: Tijuana’s Mercado Hidalgo

For about five years my pal Bill Esparza aka streetgourmetla has been asking me to hang around with him in Tijuana.  Perhaps it was the memories of debauched high school weekends down there that caused me to wait so long to say yes.  What a shame!  Joining me for TJ 101 were Chef Andre Guerrero of Oinkster and Massimiliano and Amy Scattergood, editor of LA Weekly food blog Squid Ink.  Needless to say, we had a blast.  We delivered ourselves into Bill’s hands for 24 hours of a perfectly curated visit.  Let’s start with our morning excursion to the Mercado Hidalgo.  Best way to wake up ever.


  • Denise Beauchamp

    It all looks so beautiful

    • Beautiful and Tasty!

      • hollywood

        Going on a road trip to LA San Diego and Mexico with my daughter from Australia and would love some advice for some tasty and inexpensive places to enjoy local cuisine…thanks

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  • Henry Jr

    My wife & I always take our guest to the mercado. it never seems to amaze them. there are 3 wonderful taco stands outside of the mercado with lines. but well worth the wait the cooks put on a show.cant wait to get back there