Recipe: The Perfect Daiquiri

This week on Good Food, it’s all about rum. The spirit has caught the imagination of many cocktail enthusiasts around town and there are several bars and restaurants devoted to the spirit. Steve Livigni is the General Manager of La Descarga, a rum focused bar in Hollywood and he talks to Evan about his favorite cocktail – the Daiquiri. Keep reading for his recipe for a Perfect Hard Shaken Daiquiri and check out the video below to watch how to hard shake a cocktail…



  • Larry

    What was the clear Bacardi rum you mentioned on the show?

    • gillianferg

      It's a Bacardi white rum in a replica bottle from 1909 called Carta Blanca. Unfortunately it's only available at Duty Free stores and at La Descarga, the rum bar in Hollywood.

  • Karen

    Was an alternative rum suggested?