Recipe: Lazy Mary’s Lemon Tart

This week on Good Food, Russ Parsons of the LA Times pays us a visit. Russ has citrus trees in his backyard and has come up with some interesting recipes for using up his backyard bounty. His favorite recipe which he learned from Food 52 is this recipe for Lazy Mary’s Lemon Tart. Keep reading for the complete recipe…


  • Kay

    I was wondering how this would turn out if this filling was cooked in a double boil pan and poured in a cooled fully baked shell, cooled and topped with whipped cream. I did make the "Lazy Mary lemon tart" as is and it was delicious!!! Has anyone tried cooking the filling?

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  • Renais

    I love this recipe! I didn't have any Meyer Lemons on hand (and I do love them) but I couldn't wait to try the recipe and wow! The "regular" lemons made a really intense, startling taste.. Very tangy, very delicious. Then I found some Meyers at Trader Joe and made another pie just like the recipe. Predictably the taste was considerably milder, with that unique sweet lemon flavor that Meyers have.. and it too was very delicious. Next I'm going to make one with part Meyer, part regular lemon, just out of curiosity. This has become my favorite pot luck desert recipe.. It's so amazingly easy and a bit of a show stopper!

  • Renais

    PS:, "pie" vs. "tart." Once again, I used what I had on hand which was a shortbread pie crust and everything came out perfect. However when I look at the picture here, I see that obviously it is of a tart as the filling is quite a bit thicker than in a pie shell where it has to spread out more. Will have to try that. But I can testify that it also works as a pie. Like Kay, I've wondered about a whipped cream topping.. Why not?