Throw a Royal Wedding Viewing Party

william and kateWhen I was 5, my parents woke my sisters and I up at 4 am to watch the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana.  They served mimosas, tea, cold toast, sausages and grilled tomatoes.  Those memories came flooding back in anticipation of Prince William’s upcoming wedding to Kate Middleton.  Now that I live on the West Coast, the Royal Wedding will take place at 2:30 am.  But that doesn’t matter, I still think a viewing party is in order.

If you want to serve a proper English breakfast, I suggest you consult my friend Elaine Lemm’s blog on British food:

Breakfast may begin with orange juice, cereals, stewed or fresh fruits but the heart of the Full breakfast is bacon and eggs. They are variously accompanied by sausages, grilled tomato, mushrooms, tea, toast and marmalade.

If scones are your thing, here is Elaine’s recipe for traditional English scones.

Hats are another tradition at British weddings: women attending the wedding usually wear big, elaborate hats.

If you’re not up for throwing your own party, there are plenty of viewing parties planned.  To me, the best would be at The Stafford London, which is steps from Buckingham Palace.  And the city of London will have viewing screens all over the city.  If you’re stateside, head to NYC’s Times Square for TLC’s viewing party.  Or to the Paley Center in New York, which is throwing a party hosted by the British Consulate.  Or at the Ritz Carlton in Washington D.C.  I haven’t heard of any viewing parties here in Los Angeles.  If you know of one, please share.

  • We are hosting a Royal Wedding Slumber party at The Cat and Fiddle in Hollywood. 12 to 4.30 am. Pajamas and Tiaras!

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    As expected, the new Royal couple seem to look elegant in just about any photo. I've honestly been wondering which london wedding photographer they got to cover the wedding.