Photo: Street Food in Japan

Every day this month we’re going to be featuring a photo of street food from around the world.  It’s all part of our celebration of Global Street Food, culminating in our  event on May 1 at the Broad Stage.  Email us your photo and we’ll post it on our blog.

These photos are from Patrick:

My favorite street food while living in Japan was Yaki Imo, a Japanese sweet potato (satsumai imo) roasted over wood on the back of a truck in the late winter and early spring months. They were sold by weight, and some fetched as much as 800¥ (about $8.50). Delicious and meant to be eaten hot, right out of the paper bag in which it was sold. These photos are from a vendor in Kichijouji in Tokyo.



  • Bruce

    I'll be in China and Thailand next week. I'll post from there!

  • ivy

    A picture of takoyaki would’ve been better

  • Whitney

    These are awesome photos!

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