Weiser Family Farms Parsnips, Potatoes and More

Alex WeiserFarmer Alex Weiser joined Amelia Saltsman on this week’s Market Report.  His Weiser Family Farms has been selling at LA-area farmers markets for decades.  Alex is known as “the potato guy,” but they sell much more.  Photos from his stand follow…

  • Janet

    I love these guys. They're always busy but happy to take time to share hints on how to prepare their produce. Really nice guys, especially the one with the white hair shown in the back of the photo. Happy to see those beautiful Romanesco cauliflower are back again this spring. I look forward to trying Amelia Saltsman's parsnip soup recipe this week.

  • Jocelyn McFaul

    No doubt, superior nutrition begins when root vegetables as produced by the Weiser family becomes the center plate for healthier eating Americans. So good to eat.

  • We really appreciate your support, Amelia! Same to everyone who enjoy our crops week in and week out! We really enjoy what we do. Can't think of any thing more rewarding than bringing a crop to harvest. My only regret is that we couldn't get the good looking Weiser brother in the picture above 😉

  • Oh Man! I MISS Weiser Farms! They were my hands down favorite vendor at the market when I lived down in Long Beach! They introduced me to romanesco and crosnes!!

    They are written about in Russ Parsons' book, "How to Pick a Peach", too!

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