Mormon Funeral Potatoes

Mormon Funeral Potatoes

Kate Holbrook, a PhD candidate at Boston University, is a guest on Good Food this week.  She and Evan talk about the Mormon food tradition, including the extensive pantries and Mormon funeral potatoes.  Recipe follows…

Mormon Funeral Potatoes

6 cups diced potatoes
1 can (10 3/4 oz.) condensed cream of chicken soup
1 stick butter, melted
1 cup sour cream
2 cups cheddar cheese, grated, divided
1/4 c. grated onion (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine soup, butter, sour cream, 1 c. cheese, onion, salt and pepper. Mix well. Add the potatoes and stir gently until combined.
Place potato mixture in a 2-3 quart casserole dish or 9 x 13-inch baking pan. Top with the remaining 1 c. cheese.
Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes or until hot and bubbly.

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  • Anonymous said:

    You lost me at "condensed cream of chicken soup."

  • Christine.hardy.leaf said:

    Wait a minute, that looks a lot like corn flakes or broken up potato chips on top.
    Is it called funeral potatoes, because eating will cause major heart attack?

  • Sharon said:

    The best version uses potatoes which are boiled, then shredded & green onions. Many people do use crunched up corn flakes or potato chips, but cheese is much better. This is definitely an unsophisticated dish, easy to ridicule. But after the funeral of a member (hence the name), we provide a luncheon to the extended family – which can number 20 – 150 people – & this is relatively easy & feeds quite a few. It's meant to be literally comfort food & is offered, with the rest of the meal, as a symbol of our care & concern. Of course, all that fat & starch make it a favorite at family meals & church parties, too.

  • anonymous said:

    I would normally never eat something like this, but it is so good!

    10 years ago I had the left overs of this casserole while babysitting. I loved it, but had no idea what it was or what was in it except cornflakes, sour cream and cheese. Today I came home excitedly telling my husband that I found this recipe in a catalog. He laugh and said, "Oh funeral potatoes." So I google it and find out that it's a whole sub-culture. I've been Mormon my whole life and never even heard of funeral potatoes until today. LOL

    I had to laugh at Christine's comment. The same thought popped in my head when I read the ingredients. I'm excited to try this again, but it won't find it's way on the table often.

  • lisa said:

    Our family switched the name to "Church potatoes" because we have it on Easter and Christmas. Yes it's not that great for you but don't let the soup fool you it's delicious! Our family favorite!

  • anon said:

    forget the soup and the chips it tastes better with out them!! also cook and shredd the potatoes dont dice.

  • Dawn said:

    I see why it is called funeral potatoes; if you eat like this, you will die. Or sit on someone else and kill them.

  • Sharron said:

    But they are delicious and cannot beat the flavor. Not a regular dish but it is a wonderful potluck dish. Sharron

  • Carol said:

    I have had these potatoes at different pot locks before but never heard them referred to as funeral potatoes. Party potatoes yes, but never funeral potatoes until today. I was put in charge of planning a potluck for a an awards dinner at church and when I asked one of ladies what she would like to bring she told me funeral potatoes. All I could think was no, bring something good. So I came home and googled it and viola!

  • Rochelle said:

    It's called Funeral Potatoes because it is a dish that Mormons usually bring to funerals for the meal after. Google Mormon Funeral Potatoes and you will find recipes with slight variations.

  • Michelle said:

    Love this recipe. I actually use half the butter and sometimes a bit less cheese. I also recently made it with broccoli added to the potatoes too. Dice and cook the potatoes (and broccoli, should you choose) and then mix all the ingredients. I also use closer to half an onion. Good with Ritz crackers on top. Certainly many ways to make this a bit more healthy, without losing out on the awesome, comforting flavor!

  • Blogpreneur said:

    wow …. thanks.. I really want to make a meal of Mormon food tradition…

  • Lowongan Kerja said:

    looks very delicious .. I'll try to make it ….

  • chilli con carne recipe said:

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  • Markyta said:

    i used velveeta cheese instead of grated chedder cheese. it turned out really good

  • molly said:

    You can use reduced fat soup Healthy Request soup and you can use low fat cheese 2% variety.
    And the topping can be crackers instead of corn flakes.

  • Guest said:

    You eat enough of those and you'll need a funeral!

  • Don said:

    Looks like it has corn flaks on it. But I don't see corn flakes in the recipe.

  • Dawnette said:

    Yes, eating this every day would probably put you in the grave hovever, this is one of those "comfort foods"…I can't think of a better time to have them than a family gatering after a funeral. They are YUMMY!!

    If you pass on these because they have "condensed cream of chicken soup" you are really missing out on something wonderful. ENJOY!!

  • Georgia On My Mind. said:

    Probably ritz crackers.

  • Ramona Grover said:

    I just had some Morman funeral potatoes at a meeting yesterday. THis friend got the recipe when at a convention in Utah. My husband said they tasted like the Cheesey Potatoes that I have made. The recipe given to me by a friend in San Antonio. I dug out the recipe. Voila! It's the same and I am making it tomorrow night for a potluck supper at the American Legion

  • Donna said:

    What a horrible name for such a delicious recipe! I'm glad I was introduced to this 'Baked Potato Casserole' by a Episcopalian Texan in 1995! I would never call them Funeral Potatoes and I am a mormon! :p

  • Gahh said:

    You should leave these kinds of comments on Yahoo. >.o They don't belong here Dawn.

  • Gahh said:

    I don't know, I like the name and who really cares as long as it tastes good.

  • Jan said:

    It's so funny that I am actually looking for a funeral recipe to take to someone's home next week. So, thank you for naming this dish what you did.

  • Vinnie said:

    definitely corn flakes. a suitable substitute is also crushed potato chips (pringles, lays, ruffles…your choice)

  • Vinnie said:

    gotta include green jello salad and mormon 'champagne' floats then:
    'champagne' — — to make it into a 'float,' mix this finished recipe with rainbow sherbet ice cream – using a huge punch bowl, adding ice cream a bit at a time since it bubbles up a lot – should be consistency of a thin milkshake with small-ish chunks of ice cream floating in it)
    jello — — scroll down to (or 'find') the recipe by bermudagourmetgoddess – SO classic: lime jello, pineapple, celery, carrots (shredded, optional), nuts – all creamed together (cream also optional, as you could leave it out and put all other ingredients in a mold for several hours)
    good luck!!

  • Katie Townley said:

    Amen. I visit Good Food to AVOID recipes that start with a can of soup.

  • Mary Ann said:

    And to be very lazy in making these start with a bag of frozen hash browns, either with or without the peppers and onions. My granddaughters in KC love these, call them Cheesy Potatoes, the recipe is on the back of the Mr. Dell’s Hash Brown casserole. When i first heard them referred to as funeral potatoes I laughed and laughed but immediately knew why, comforting and lots of them!

  • Rachel said:

    Yes to the cornflakes! I don’t get why it’s considered okay to eat them for breakfast, but not okay to put them on a casserole, when crackers and potato chips are allowed. The cornflake variety is my preferred version – it gives a nice crunchy texture and since they are thin and light, they often stand up and escape becoming mush. They are so popular that there is an official 2002 Olympic “Funeral Potatoes” pin. I am just now looking up the recipe after coming back from Utah for my mother’s funeral. My husband, an Orange County, CA native (non-Mormon), has heard about these for years as we always joke about Utah/Mormon culture (check out fry sauce too… totally awesome!). After trying them he went back for seconds and thirds. He’s USAF, in great shape, runs, lifts weights, etc., so he’s not a slovenly pig. But he does enjoy good food. He said that like the movie “Wedding Crashers” where the two men crash weddings to pick up girls, he’s going to start crashing funerals just so he can eat the funeral potatoes. Just got back from our funeral trip late last night. I suppose I’ll be making my first Funeral Potato casserole tonight for dinner.

  • What Does Mormon Food Culture Say About Mitt Romney? said:

    [...] modern Mormon families, favorites might include Funeral Potatoes and a small repertoire of sweets, made mostly from processed ingredients such as Jello, pretzels [...]

  • What Does Mormon Food Culture Say About Mitt Romney? | said:

    [...] modern Mormon families, favorites might include Funeral Potatoes and a small repertoire of sweets, made mostly from processed ingredients such as Jello, pretzels [...]

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  • Tarochi said:

    I like topping sliced mushrooms on this dish, and getting rid of leftover potato chips. The potato chips even taste better after thirty minutes or so.

    This would probably be tedious for some, but I decided to chop small cubes out of the potatoes and then boil them for five-seven minutes max.

    It's a really easy, cheap, definitely what I would call comfort food, I mean why not try it…?

  • vin Castelmaure said:

    The recipe Pommes de terre funèbres mormons is a treat. But it is bourratif. Even if it is facultif, I add onions. With all this, a wine of Castelmaure (snack bar) of the Corbiares. It is a happiness.

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  • Sara said:

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  • Boise Plumber said:

    I love this recipe, I'm going to try it this weekend when my friends come over to the house. Thanks!

  • tribal katalog said:

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  • danmartin555 said:

    Do they ust eat it when someone passes away? Bit sad isn't it?
    Maldives holidays

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  • Janet said:

    LOL Actually, Latter-day Saints (Mormons) eat "funeral" potatoes for many occasions, not just funerals. They're yummy, inexpensive and go with just about anything. (Remember we tend to have large families and lots of family gatherings, and we love to eat). LOL The reason they got the name is because sisters in the church provide a meal for family and friends of the deceased following a funeral services, since many have traveled to be there. It provides folks a chance to visit while enjoying a good meal, and takes one burden from the shoulders of the family in mourning . . . . and the potatoes serve many – inexpensively – and can be prepared ahead of time, and go with whatever else is brought for the meal. etc.

  • Mll said:

    You forgot to mention the corn flake part. :)

  • smith73 said:

    wow…love,love this dish, looks so yummy and the ingredients are just easy finds. I really love to make one of these as well.

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