Questions for Shirley Corriher

Shirley Corriher is on Good Food this week and we had her answer some questions from you, our listeners. ¬†Shirley is the author of Cookwise and Bakewise, two must-have books for serious cooks. ¬†We didn’t have time for all of them on the show. Here are the rest of Shirley’s answers:

Laurel asks: “When developing a recipe, how do you decide whether to use baking powder, baking soda, or a combination.”

Shirley Corriher on Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder by KCRW

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Laurel again: “I would love to hear your approach to developing a new recipe from scratch. Do you begin with a ratio, a similar recipe or go on instinct?”

Shirley Corriher on How to Develop Recipes by KCRW

Good Food Segment Producer Gillian asks: “What’s the best way to proof bread at home?”

Shirley Corriher on How to Proof Bread at Home by KCRW

Lu Zeng asks: “Why does garlic turn green when steeped in vinegar?”

Shirley Corriher on Green Garlic by KCRW

Lu Zeng again: “Why do human beings like caramelization so much?”

Shirley Corriher on Carmelization by KCRW