Robin of Mud Creek Ranch talks to Laura Avery this week on the Market Report.  She has 10-12 varieties of tangerines at her table, including the Daisy, the Satsuma and the Clementine.  Pictures of her stand follow…


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  • Tom on Steel said:

    So how come i just heard of clementines in the past few years. Usually at the major grocery stores. I know Tangerines have been around for along time but have clementines?

  • Katie said:

    There's always something new & fresh to be found at farmers markets.

  • Liv Buschemi said:

    I love the smell of fresh market produce every morning whenever I pass by in our town market just across our apartment. Reminds me of the awesome cool dehumidifier-worthy ambiance at home.

  • Torsion Spring said:

    Browsing through the comments it seems nobody has read Lord of the Rings or The Great Gatsby or Of Human Bondage or The Old Man and the Sea. Is this game rigged?

  • Conical Springs said:

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