Kazi’s Heritage Breed Turkeys


Evan’s friend Kazi Pitelka is amazing.  First she took us backstage at the LA Opera (she’s a violist).  Then she invited me to her backyard farm to see her turkeys.  She has three heritage breeds and many chickens in a huge pen in her gigantic backyard.  Kazi has two Royal Palm turkeys and one Sweet Grass.  She’s planning eating one of the Royal Palm turkeys for Thanksgiving.  You can hear my conversation with Kazi this Saturday.  I was struck by how much Kazi loves her turkeys – she talks about them like they are pets and it makes perfect sense to her that these birds will become her dinner.  For her, it’s not a contradiction.  I’d love to hear what you think.  Could you raise something that you could ultimately kill and eat?  Have we become too detached from our food?

Kazi’s Turkeys

single turkey


  • It may seem a contradiction at first, yet it's the respectable way to approach the consumption of animals. Nurturing and honoring them for what they will provide for us is helping to create the ultimate health food.
    Most indigenous cultures understand this.
    And yes, we have become way too detached from our food.
    A simple way to add healthfulness to whatever we eat is to take a moment and look at our food before we eat it.
    In that moment give thanks for all the hands that helped carry it to this plate (or wrapper). This small gesture will go very far in creating a shift in our awareness of the food we eat each day.
    Bon apetit!
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  • Sherri

    Last March I hatched (3) baby turkeys from eggs that have grown into amazing Kentucky Red Bourbons. They are magnificent creatures that I have grown to love more than I imagined possible. I will keep a male and a female as a breeding pair, and I will be taking the life of one male this Friday. It will be hard…I plan to shed tears. I have invited a small gathering of friends for a sacred meal of gratitude. I am completely changed from this experience and will eat this meal with incredible gratitude, both for the magnificence of the bird I will be eating, and gratitude for myself for the loving care and kindness I have shown this animal throughout its life. This 'City Girl' is way more connected to her food supply and a more conscious consumer than ever. It feels good and I continue to move in the direction of honoring my body with conscious food choices! Thanks for asking. Love your show and follow you on FB. Thanks