Picture Perfect Brik

Last weekend Evan and I attended the Couscous Festival in Pasadena where Chef Farid Zadi and his team prepared an epic feast honoring North African cuisine.  There was of course couscous, and lamb mechoui, merguez and a handful of tagines on offer, but for me the highlight was brik.  This traditional Tunisian pastry is made with tissue-paper thin sheets of dough called warka.  At the festival the warka were filled with shrimp, parsley, harissa and of course, a whole egg.  Wrapped somewhat precariously – like a loose burrito – the brik is then placed in hot oil and fried until crisp and puffy.  Check out these pictures to see how it’s done.

cracking egg


burrito shape



  • Sarah

    I was there, too, and I totally agree, the Brik was sensational. I've never had this before. I especially loved the demonstration of the fish tagine that was served later in the evening and was delicious.

  • Muito interessante, um visual muito convidativo !
    Obrigada por postar.