Ticket Giveaway – LA Times Celebration of Food & Wine

I have 5 pairs of VIP tickets to the LA Times Celebration of Food and Wine. The ticket value is $125 and includes access to a VIP tasting room.

Tickets will be awarded to the first 5 people who correctly identify what this vintage kitchen tool is used for:


Add your answer to the comments section below and we’ll contact you. Good luck!

  • Zorayda

    I believe that is an old fashioned cream whipper.

  • Rob

    It's a whisk, no?

    • Rob

      If you need more detail, it's good for use in a flat bottom pan or perhaps a roasting dish if you're making gravy and such. I've got one in my kitchen drawer at home.

  • Desiree Gaines

    Fat separator, egg lifter and whisk- a multitasker!

  • Susan Shatz

    I think it is for whipping eggs — shirred eggs specifically!!

  • Michelle Tuberman

    a whisk!

  • Laura

    I had one of those (maybe I still do) and I used it to mix eggs for scrambled eggs. It doesn't do the same thing as a whisk because you don't get the air.

  • Alexandra

    Egg beater, cream whipper!

  • vi nguyen


  • It's a spring whisk. It wobbles while you whisk, so it's good for aerating and frothing. Like, frothy milk for cappuccinos or emulsifying dressings, stuff like that.

  • Inga

    Icream whipper

  • Egg beater!

    • hells

      Hi Karen – Can you please email me so I have your email address to send you the tickets.


  • Simona

    It's a spring beater.

  • an egg whip

    • hells

      Hi John,
      Can you please email me so I have your email address to send you the tickets?

  • Jennifer Kim

    A coil whisk

    • Jennifer Kim

      used in small bowls and good for gravy.

  • Emm

    Spring Whisk!

  • whipping cream and mixing eggs

  • Lara Boyko

    French wisk?

  • Twirl whisk. It's used for frothing beverages or emulsifying salad dressings. You twirl it in your hands hence the name.

  • Justin Lu

    It's a spring whisk used for whipping volume into egg whites and cream.

  • Diana

    A "spring beater or whisk"!!

    • Diana

      used to blend ingredients smoothly and/or incorporate air into a mixture

  • Paul Moses

    It is a whisk, but also works as an egg separator.

  • lyssa b

    yes for whisking eggs!! used to use this with my grandmother to make her "forgetten" cookies!!!

  • Gregory Madrid

    dough whisk

  • Cream Whipper!

  • Guest

    vintage whisk egg beater

  • whisk / egg beater

  • @mayo4u

    a spring beater

  • MushuGoat

    it's a 'spring' , or 'twirl' whisk used to 'whisk' up volumes of egg(whites), cream(fraiche) etc.

  • Utensil wisk

  • fivefootgal

    spring beater to make whipping cream!

  • It's a spring beater

  • Ooops…I didn't answer the question specifically…This spring beater is for whipping eggs in a cup. Can also be used to emulsify oil and vinegar.

  • Whisk

    so, what was it?

    • hells

      It's a spring whisk!

  • Anuradha

    An egg beater, which can be used to which anything to which anything at all. Growing up in India, I saw my mom use one daily. And I have one in my kitchen too!

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