School Lunch, the Right Way

Last week, Evan spoke to Mrs. Q, an anonymous teacher about the lunch program in her school.  In response to that interview, a listener named John sent us an article from his local paper about a school that has taken a fresh approach to school lunch.  Read about the Granville, Ohio school lunches here.  What’s your experience with school lunch?  I’d love to hear from teachers and parents involved with both public and private schools.  You can leave a comment here or email us at

  • sasco1900

    An inspiration. I went to AVI Food Service website hoping to see if they're publicly traded. Great to know there are companies focused on the good.

  • slis

    I'm a parent at a Santa Monica public school. I realize that Santa Monica has recently tried to update their standards to make school lunches healthier with the addition of a salad bar, but if you look at the menu, it is still different incarnations for chicken nuggets, tacos and pizza. The "healthy" part is now the chicken and potato fries are now "baked." The vegetarian menu last week was a cheese stick, pretzel and yogurt. My daughter had pizza, chocolate milk and ice cream for lunch on Friday and came home bouncing off the walls. She loves the cafeteria because of the chocolate milk. I find it just horrendous. If there is a local movement in Santa Monica to serve freshly made food with good ingredients, sign me up to help make it happen! We are such a farmer's market, good food kind of town–I'm shocked at the food we serve the children.

  • Silvia

    join Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.