5 Great Aspects of Being a KCRW Street Team Member

By KCRW Volunteer & Street Team Member Taryn Olsen

With the upcoming KCRW Summer Nights Concert Schedule coming together, its time to begin getting ramped up for KCReW. Being a part of the KCRW Street Team is an honor and pleasure! Check out 5 reasons why!

1. People Whipping Out Fringe Benefits Cards

I think my absolute favorite moment being a Street Team Member is when I ask people at an event, “Do you know about KCRW?” and they frantically reach for their wallet/keys and hold up a Fringe Benefits Card with a huge smile on their face. KCRW cultivates a devoted following and it’s fun to meet other people who are just as enthusiastic about the station as I am. There’s little else that compares to the energy boost I get from people who want to chat about their favorite KCRW DJ.

2. Introducing KCRW to Somebody New To The Station

Another great moment is when the exact opposite happens – I ask people, “Do you know about KCRW?” and they shake their heads and say, “I don’t think so.” Then I get to gush about all the amazing stuff we have going on: that we’re NPR news during the day, that we produce lots of our own amazing programming (UnFictional, Good Food, To The Business, etc.), and that they can catch a great DJ spinning some great music no matter when they tune in for music programming – 9am, 10pm, 2am! I have to keep myself from getting too excited sometimes, but most often people get really engaged in discussion and walk away promising to give us a listen. I always imagine what it will be like the first time they tune in and hear Garth’s voice or catch an Aaron Byrd set for the first time.

3. Giving Back While Getting Out & About

I love that the major job for Street Team/KCReW peeps is to get out and attend a cool KCRW Event and talk to other like minded people. You’re being asked to go to a KCRW Event and mingle basically! I can’t think of a way to give back to the station that would be more fun than chatting with people about something I love at a party.

4. Seeing Places/Institutions in LA that Partner with KCRW

Being on the Street Team has allowed me to attend events at some of the coolest places in LA that I may not have seen otherwise – when else would I have ventured over to Chinatown to see the sunset on an outdoor dance floor? Last year alone I was introduced to One Colorado in Pasadena, The Hammer Museum, The Natural History Museum, The California Plaza in Downtown LA, and Chinatown. I have since taken friends and family to many of those places and I never would have known how cool they were if I hadn’t traveled there for a Street Team Event with KCRW.

5. Being Introduced to New Music

Whether it’s a special mash up being spun by Anthony Valadez in Chinatown or doing the twist down low with Fitz & The Tantrums, being a Street Team Member is part of the way I’ve been exposed to some of my favorite music. I still listen to Everest and think about seeing them live at One Colorado last summer with the sun setting in the background and the audience singing along to “Let Go”!

Are YOU interested in becoming a KCRW Street Team Member?

At “KCRW Presents” events, Street Team members will be out in front as the face of the station. As a volunteer, you donate your time to make the programs you love possible. But as a Street Team member, you’ll be asked to go the extra mile and reap the rewards. Getting the word out to the uninitiated at music venues or cultural events requires special skills:

  • I don’t mind approaching a line of concert goers and asking, “Hey, would you like a free key chain or a bumper sticker?”
  • I can follow up such a question with: “So do you listen to KCRW?”
  • I can wear a yellow “KCRW Presents” t-shirt.
  • I like talking/can appear to like talking to strangers.
  • I’m well versed in what we broadcast.
  • I can effortlessly work talking points about KCRW events or programming into my conversation.
  • I don’t mind asking eager crowd members if they’d like to add their names to our e-mail list.
  • I’ve been described, on at least one occasion, as a “go-getter”.

If this sounds like you, please email mary.chellamy at

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  1. I enjoy this site & it's blog post. So that I visit here again & again. I also want to be a KCRW team member. It would be a great fortune for me.

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