5 Notable Food Revolutionaries

By Good Food Host, Evan Kleiman

So much attention is being paid to food right now.  Whether it’s Anthony Bourdain traveling the world or Alice Waters starting a school garden, people want to know about food.  From growing it, cooking it, and eating it to learning about food culture and politics food is definitely the new black.  So I thought I’d share 5 names with you.  These are people I consider Revolutionaries in the world of food

1. Eric Schlosser
Author of Fast Food Nation (and Executive Producer of the film), Co-Producer of Food, Inc. and Executive Producer of There Will Be Blood.  He’s a revolutionary because he says what need to be said.  At an event I moderated at USC, he was outspoken against the corporatocracy/bureaucracy that has created such a destructive and unhealthy food system.
Check out The Business’ interview with Eric Schlosser.

2. Sandor Katz
A self-proclaimed “Fermentation Fetishist,”  he preaches the gospel of “good bacteria.”  Katz has AIDS and has looked to fermented foods as a critical part of his healing.  Listen to my interview with Sandor Katz here.

3. Nathan Myhrvold
Co-author and publisher of Modernist Cuisine, the 6-volume tome that costs over $500.  The book explains in great detail the techniques that underpin the “molecular gastronomy” of Ferran Adria and Heston Blumenthal.  Myhrvold has created a game-changing culinary reference work for our time and beyond.

4.  Mark Bittman
This bestselling cookbook author, traded his New York Times’ Minimalist moniker for an Op-Ed column.  He’s a revolutionary for getting so angry about our food system, that he convinced the Times to give him an op-ed page thus fostering even more thinking and conversation about food, politics and access.  Listen to my interview with Mark Bittman here.

5. Grant Achatz
The Chef/co-owner of the award-winning Chicago restaurant Alinea, and author Life, On the Line.  His new restaurant concept goes beyond menu options and tackles the entire way we pay for food.  He’ll sell tickets to his restaurant, with price varying according to the date and time of your reservation.  Listen to my interview with Grant Achatz here.

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