2. August 2011 by Mario Cotto

5 Must Have iPhone Apps

By KCRW Music Host & DJ Mario Cotto

With literally dozens* of apps to choose from in the iTunes App Store, it can be real easy to just load up your iPhone or iPod with pages and pages of free apps. But, there is nothing quite like spending those 99 cents** and seeing your investment rewarded with an app that can spectacularly dazzle the senses of everyone around you, help develop your motor skills and our mental acuity, potentially make someone laugh, or make someone throw a beer in your face…THAT’S what you are investing in.

1. July 2011 by Betsy Moyer

5 New Ways to Discover New Music Online


By KCRW Social Media Manager, Betsy Moyer

As a mass consumer of music, I’m constantly perusing the internet for new tunes. Its no joke. I came to the station well aware of KCRW’s unique taste-maker status online. I constantly stumble upon bloggers mentioning our radio station as their route to discovery – from our 24 hour streaming music channel to our extensive online archive. There is a vast well of new music to be explored online. The world at large loves music and wants to share it, and the internet is changing the way we consume that music more and more with each new discovery site. Aside from, here are 5 of my favorite places to discover new music online. [more...]

25. May 2011 by Taryn Olsen

5 Great Aspects of Being a KCRW Street Team Member


By KCRW Volunteer & Street Team Member Taryn Olsen

With the upcoming KCRW Summer Nights Concert Schedule coming together, its time to begin getting ramped up for KCReW. Being a part of the KCRW Street Team is an honor and pleasure! Check out 5 reasons why! [more...]

13. May 2011 by Ray Guarna

5 LA Hikes To Take With Your Dog


By KCRW Recording Engineer Ray Guarna

There are few more rewarding ways to spend time with your dog than hiking the abundant canyon trails and fire roads surrounding the Los Angeles area. Here are five of my favorite easy to moderate city hikes that are family and canine friendly.  None of these hikes require special apparel or footwear. Casual clothes, decent sneakers, a bottle of water, and an eager pooch will be all you need. [more...]

3. May 2011 by Evan Kleiman

5 Great Food Movies


By KCRW’s Good Food host, Evan Kleiman

A great food movie feeds that part of your soul that’s obsessed with food, dining, kitchens, and eating. They are the ultimate in food voyeurism, a disease I’ve had all my life. You too? [more...]

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