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The Beaver is about a very depressed man fighting his way back to happiness with the help of…a puppet.  It’s funny and touching if not always subtle, but it’s worth it just for Mel Gibson’s extraordinary performance (you heard me) as the man and the puppet.

This is one of those films that’s taken a long and winding road to the screen.  The script was one of the hottest in Hollywood and Steve Carrell was originally attached to star.  When Jodie Foster signed up and Carrell dropped out, she thought of her friend Mel.  After the Oksana Tape, her selection would end up causing distribution issues (you can bet Mr. Sensitivity won’t be won’t be doing any press).  It would also be a bit of genius, casting Mel Gibson, a clearly troubled man as an equally (if somewhat more cinematically) troubled man.

Before you picket the station because I’ve chosen a film starring Mel Gibson, please note: I strongly believe in the rule: “trust the art, not the artist.”  I’m frankly a bit shocked that Hollywood hasn’t run Mel Gibson out on a rail.  But that has nothing to do with his performance in this film. I will not condemn an artist’s work just because of his unsavory beliefs if that work doesn’t do anything to forward those beliefs.  But if it makes you feel any better, seeing it for free will actually take money out of his pocket.

We’ll screen The Beaver for KCRW Angels on Wednesday the 20th at the Arclight in Hollywood.  Arclight Cinemas are the official home of Matt’s Movies. SORRY…OUR SCREENING IS NOW FULL.



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  • Bns

    Waiting for this to be released so I can view it. I can't afford the membership as I just filed for bankruptcy but did hear about this from the radio. Watching the trailer just made me cry.

    • mholzman

      And very sorry to hear about the hard times…

  • mholzman

    I think my very serious stance was quite clear…I'm sorry if the flippant comment at the end diluted it. MH

  • thea

    how do we un-rsvp?

  • mholzman

    You just did.

  • fiche

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to check out this film. No matter how much disdain we may have for a celebrity, familiarizing ourselves with their work gives us insight and allows us to make a more informed opinion of their tabloid antics. I'm going in with mind as open as it can be.

    • mholzman

      Did you see the film? I'm curious to hear what you thought…

  • Smith

    Wow, the trailer alone make me want to root for Mel Gibson again. It shows that if he could just stay out of the media spotlight and focus on his art he would be great again.
    P.S. I love KCRW for this.

  • mholzman

    Thanks Smith! It's worth checking out. He should just keep his trap shut in public unless he's reading lines!