Check out these wonderful films beginning this Friday!

"Restless City"

Restless City” is a stylish, lyrical film about a young Senegalese immigrant in New York.  The first feature from photographer Andrew Dosunmu, it’s lovely to look at and has the feeling of a jazz improv – though it still manges to have compelling forward momentum and characters you get to know and care about.

Pruitt-Igoe razed

St. Louis’ sprawling Pruitt-Igoe public housing complex was an expression of our post-war energy and optimism.  But the gleaming high-rises quickly became as bad as the slums they were supposed to replace…and a symbol of the failure of federal attempts to assist the poor.  A fascinating new documentary called “The Pruitt-Igoe Myth” asks: what really happend…and why?


At this point, I’ll watch anything with Jack Black, and that is the main reason to see “Bernie.”  I had some real problems with Richard Linklater’s script based on the true story of an idiosyncratic but beloved man in small Texas town (I still have no idea how he could have done what he did).  But JB is, as always, awesomely fun to watch.

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Other great stuff around town this weekend: Rasta-action classic “Countryman” at Cinefamily (actually the whole weekend at Cinefamily looks awesome) and Peter Sellars at his most ridiculous in “The Party” (birdy num num) at the New Beverly.

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