Here’s some of what I’ve seen lately that you should check out this weekend!

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Martha Marcy May Marlene

Bombay Beach

Other movies worth seeing…

Margin Call – The story of a fictional brokerage that starts the recent financial Wall Street meltdown when they decide to sell off billions of overvalued assets. Like the meltdown itself, that plot and what it means for the characters (and the country) is a little baffling unless you already understand what credit default swaps and collateral debt obligations are.  But the movie looks and sounds great and has one of my favorite casts of all time - Spacey! Bettany! Irons!  Quinto! Tucci!  Simon Baker and Demi Moore! – just acting up a storm.


Le Havre – A funny (both haha and the other way) about a funny (ditto) man dwelling in the French port town of the same name.  He discovers a wayward immigrant boy and decides to help him finish his journey to meet up with his mother in London.  A stylized film with an erratic tone that seems very French and is best appreciated, I’m told, with those familiar with director Aki Kaurismäki’s work.


Oranges & Sunshine – Another “isssue” movie, well acted and well made.  The story of 1,000′s of orphaned English children shipped off to Australia – and the woman who discovered the shameful plot.


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