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BlogLandingPage_headersKCRW’s Screening Series is getting a big-time reboot!

To find out more about the new series, read on.
To RSVP for our inaugural screening, click HERE.

Why the changes?

First of all, we wanted a name that reflects the kind of cutting-edge, under-the-radar, ahead-of-the-curve movies we screen for KCRW members.

Second, we wanted a regular, centrally-located home, and we found one in the beautifully restored Writer’s Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. Parking is easy, the theater is more gorgeous than ever and it has a great reception space, which leads me to…

We wanted to make each screening an event – you know, a place where KCRW’s movie-loving members could mix and mingle and just have fun.

What’s new…and what’s not?

Nothing will change about the movies. We’ll continue to keep you plugged-in (through our screenings and this blog) to those wonderful, smaller movies that are just too easy to miss. And I’ll continue to present discussions after each screening with the creative forces behind the films where possible.

The home is new, of course. And next year, we’ll not only have an amazing regular location, we’ll have regular dates - after January, 2014, First Take will always be on the first Monday of the month – no need to ever miss a screening because of conflicts!

In addition, the reception area will open early so you can have a bite and a drink before each screening. Doors open at 6:00 and food trucks will be out front waiting to take your order. We hope to also have beer and wine available. Come early and meet someone new…KCRW will provide the soundtrack for a great pre-party!

KCRW Angels will still be VIP’s – but you may be able to attend even if you’re not an Angel. As a KCRW supporter at the Angel level, you will receive notice about screenings and be able to RSVP before anyone else. But if you’re a KCRW member that gives $10 a month or more, you’ll also be able to attend when we have seats available – we’ll air spots letting you know when that happens. We wanted the series to be inclusive…and we also hope that you’ll come and see the benefits of upgrading to the Angel level!

Do you have questions? Please comment below or write me at Thank you!


Matt Holzman, Host, KCRW’s First Take Screenings (formerly Matt’s Movies)

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  • Anonymous

    Yay I’m so excited for these changes!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Me too!

  • Anonymous

    This is fantastic! We have two memberships – one Angel, one $10 monthly. This is great!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been an Angel for several years and was considering reducing my monthly payment. This news has changed my mind about that! Very exciting…thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    Awesome news, can’t wait to mingle with other KCRW Angels and enjoy a centralized location! Love going to the Guild!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Hope to see you both on the 14th.

  • Anonymous

    Probably won’t be seats for this first one :( – but we’ll keep you posted.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen the new upgrades but I have a feeling it’s going to be dope as the kids say.

  • Anonymous

    Nope,. Still me!

  • Anonymous

    Yay! This is super!

  • Anonymous

    I think so too!

  • John G. Hill

    I understand that although I’m only a $5 a month member, I am eligible for the screenings if the Angels can’t fill the theater. Where do I go to find that out, and is there some kind of alert I can subscribe to?

    • Matt Holzman

      Sorry I missed this message. It is still a benefit for KCRW Angels. On occasion when we have seats, we open screenings to $10/month members.

  • John G. Hill

    Very disappointed that Matt doesn’t take the time to read this. Two months now and no answer? I would never do that to someone.