In 2011, after giving away tickets to an event with Pedro Almodovar, I got a message from Jade Luber, a young filmmaker who’d occasionally been in touch with me. She wrote that one of the winners was a friend of hers. “He going to take you?” I e-mailed her. “Unfortunately, I don’t think so. He has a girl he may take. She’s very lucky!” she replied.

The next day I got a follow-up message from Jade. “So Diego’s girl is crazy – she bailed. Looks like I’m going tonight!”

I got an over the moon message from her after the event letting me know how awesome it had been. But I guess it wasn’t just about love of film! Here’s part of an e-mail I got from her yesterday.

Hi Matt!

I hope 2013 has been treating you very well!

It has been a while since that amazing night with Almodóvar at Taschen, and I wanted to give you a quick update.

Remember how I told you about how my friend Diego wasn’t sure he was going to take me? Well, he definitely did and it proved our friendship. After much of life happened, our friendship stayed strong in 2012. I ended a relationship I tried hard to keep but in the end realized that its demise was long overdue. A year and three months after that night, as chance would have it, Diego and I are very happy and in love.

KCRW is our favorite, and we will never forget the experiences that we’ve had because of you and the best community in LA.

Well, to Jade, Diego and movie lovers everywhere…HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

la foto 1By the way, Jade tweets at @JadeLuber and her site is “A Community dedicated to the Celebration, Creation, Devotion and Education of Film & Art.”

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  • Anonymous

    hi matt ~

    here’s a documentary i’d love to see – FINDING VIVIAN MAIER – any chance?