I see a lot of movies for KCRW’s screening series.  Something like 20 a month on average.

I’ve been trying to write here about the movies I’ve liked but haven’t made it into the series for some reason or another.

Generally speaking, if I didn’t like a film, I try to say just that, as opposed to “it was a bad film.”  Art, after all, is personal, and one man’s filmic trash and is another’s treasure.  I am not so big-headed or small-minded to believe I’m entitled to condemn films in terms so certain.

Having espoused all that high-minded pomposity, I walked out of a screening last night because the movie was so very awful, and in such a variety of ways.  Over dinner, my friend and I had a hilariously good time picking the movie apart.  When we finally caught our breath, she said “you got to write that in your blog.”

Alas, you will not get to enjoy our salacious, cruel and pretty damn clever (if I do say so myself, and I do) dish in this column.  It’s just too easy.  But more importantly, I don’t believe Hollywood needs any more snark.  I have decided to use my powers (such as they are) for good and not for evil.

Especially these days, an independent film that gets made and gets into theaters is a triumph.  That they don’t always work is just part of the game.  When they do, I will sing it from the highest mountain tops.  When they don’t, I’ll keep my big mouth shut.  I don’t need to prove to you how smart I am by condemning the work of others.  Even when it SUCKS.

For a musical explanation of my philosophy, check out the song “Has Been” on the William Shatner/Ben Folds collaboration of the same name.

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