Steve James has directed some of the greatest documentaries ever, from Hoop Dreams to The Interrupters.” Now he’s making the first-ever movie about the great Roger Ebert, and he needs your help to finish it. Check out how you can provide a little support for this exciting project and be one of the first people to see the film HERE.


Like a lot of people, my first introduction to Ebert was as the thumbs-up guy, and I was a little surprised when I later discovered that he was the first film critic to win a Pulitzer Prize. Now, of course, I get his influence on the movies, movie makers and movie-goers. But what made him more than “important” ironically came from a less lofty place: He was also a real fan of the movies; at a red carpet premiere, you were as likely to see him eagerly snapping pictures as having his picture taken.

He also had a helluva life.

Steve James was already knee-deep in making the film version of Ebert’s biography “Life Itselfwhen Ebert passed away in April of this year. And that only makes the completion of this project that much more important. The film already has significant support (Martin Scorcese is acting as EP), but James is adamant about including the community of film lovers in the project as well. That seems only right. Yes, Ebert was an intellect, but he was also ultimately the people’s critic.

So: give a little. Give a lot. Get something nice, including the opportunity to see the film before anyone else. Tell your friends. And I’ll look forward to seeing you at this movie. Go to the campaign HERE.

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