2013_10_14FirstTakeRachelBujalski-08Our first First Take screening was a raging success! Thanks for coming…and if you missed it, I hope to see you for our next film on 11/25 (NOTE! Due to flu beyond my control, we’re shooting for 12/9).

Thanks to the Writer’s Guild for such a beautiful new home, to Rachel Bujalski for taking beautiful pictures, the Green Truck and The Urban Oven for showing up to feed our Angels and to Lola Kay for their donation of their extraordinary Napa Valley wines (wow, really delicious).

Like almost everything at KCRW, Matt’s Movies began organically. A film marketing exec named David Dinerstein called me up to talk about a hard-to-sell, very grown-up film called “Two Girls and a Guy” and suggested that KCRW’s sophisticated audience might like it…and talk it up after they saw it. We screened it, and the rest is history.

2013_10_14FirstTakeRachelBujalski-07All these years later, we’ve kicked it up a notch with First Take. We’re still screening great movies, but we’ve added a beautiful new home and a chance to meet, greet and eat with other KCRW movie lovers. I was hoping it would be a party…and that’s what it felt like to me!

2013_10_14FirstTakeRachelBujalski-04It seemed really appropriate to kick off the new and improved series with “All Is Lost.” Since we began this whole thing 15 years ago, smaller, harder-to-market movies have just gotten more difficult to get made and almost impossible to bring the public’s attention amidst the typhoon of studio movies and studio marketing dollars. J.C. Chandor’s (“Margin Call”) extraordinary new film is the apotheosis of the kind of movie that’s just too easy to miss. It’s also a movie that leaves you full of questions…and having the filmmaker there to answer them is just really a pleasure. The story of how this film got made based on a 30-page treatment is almost as amazing as the film itself!

I strongly suggest you see “All Is Lost” – and I sincerely hope to see you next time at First Take!

Check out Maureen Dowd’s fascinating conversation with Robert Redford HERE.

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