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Chicken Soup Entertainment

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I’ve been out sick the last couple of weeks, and I’m just coming back to the world of the living.  I didn’t watch a ton of anything, quite frankly; I was too out of most of the time to need to be entertained.  But looking back on what I streamed on my TV through Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus through my Roku box (more about …

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Out There in the Dark, All Alone?

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In the April 6th edition of the New York Times, film critic Manohla Dargis* (I have no idea if this link will work for you with the Times new pay scheme) added another voice to the debate about what will become of movies in the digital future. Will the fact that you can see your favorite Kurosawa from the comfort of your own home …

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RIP Tim Hetherington

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Shocking news today that Tim Hetherington, photojournalist and co-director of the Oscar-nominated doc “Restrepo,” was killed by a mortar attack in Libya.  One could argue that he died doing what he loved; that’s a very romantic notion and probably little solace to his family and friends.
I met Tim a couple of times and I have to say, the news of his death comes of a bit of …

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Summer’s almost here…and so is Cinespia!

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When I first went to a screening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery way back in the day, I thought that a picnic and a movie amidst a sea of headstones seemed like a strange idea.  So of course, I went.  But it was lovely, and I got the distinct feeling that the “residents” (many of them stars from the golden age of Hollywood) appreciated our company.
Now …

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Movies at LACMA?

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Richard Natale’s article in the LA Weekly about the film program at the County Museum of Art (“Film at LACMA Is Dead. Long Live LACMA Film?”) reminds us once again that in this town, show business is a business.  We’re not too sentimental about film, nor do those who hold film up as art gain much traction here.
We seem to have 1,000 film festivals (The Indian Film Festival …

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Is The TV/Internet Convergence Finally Upon Us?

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I’ve been getting a lot of hi-def Blu-Ray screeners these days, and of course my old Sony DVD player can’t handle the new technology (how convenient, as the church lady would say).  And while the digital download is about to make Blu-Ray as hi-tech as VHS, I was curious to see how much a player was these days, so I went to Amazon and took …

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Marwencol’s Out On DVD!

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Maybe my favorite movie (doc or otherwise) of 2010 is available for preorder on DVD TODAY!   Visit marwencol.com or go to Amazon or Netflix.  Wonderfully entertaining, moving and a little bit mysterious…be the first to see it before the Academy nominates it for a well-deserved Oscar!

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Oscar’s Foreign Films 2011

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The Academy’s foreign film branch has been a bit of a joke, with a byzantine consideration process that excluded worthy films and largely reflected the sentimental tastes of an aging group of voters that often hadn’t even seen the films.
But over the last few years, branch president Mark Johnson has successfully turned it into the most vital category in a not-so-vital awards show (sorry, Oscar).  All the selected films this …

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Re-Animator the Musical – Horrible Fun!

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In 1985, Stuart Gordon directed his first feature film: the camp horror masterpiece: “Re-Animator,” the story of a brilliant scientist gone mad with the power to play god and bring back the dead, based on the story by H.P Lovecraft.  Watch the trailer…it’s worth it!

25 years later, Gordon has directed an even campier musical version for the stage (read/hear Anthony Byrnes review on KCRW here) …

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Matt’s Movies at UCLA!

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Geniuses collide as iconic guitarist Bill Frisell and his bandmates Tony Scherr and Kenny Wollesen play original compositions to a truly fantastic collection of visuals that includes classic slapstick comedy from a trio of Buster Keaton classics, the bold illustrations of Seattle animator Jim Woodring and selections from avant-garde filmmaker Bill Morrison’s The Mesmerist, a documentary made …

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