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Goodbye, LA Film Festival 2015!

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So many movies, so little time…and so much popcorn.

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Support KCRW. Join us for some awesome movies.

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The best deal – and the most fun – in moviedom.

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Win tickets to see Coraline and Paranorman…and meet the filmmakers!

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I’ll be hosting a double-bill of these two handcrafted, Oscar-nominated films…with a Q&A with the filmmakers!

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Who The Hell is Ayrton Senna?

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A handsome, charming Brazilian.  One of the winningest Formula One drivers in history.   And the subject of a lovely documentary.   Worth seeing, even if you aren’t into racing.

“Senna” is a surprisingly quiet story considering it’s set in an ear-splitting sport.  And Senna, the man, was a thoughtful person in a sea of A-type personalities.  I don’t know how I had never heard of …

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Life in a Day in the NY Times

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Did you miss our Matt’s Movies screening of “Life in a Day?”  Enjoy this write-up in the New York Times…and check out this inspirational film in a theater near you!

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TONIGHT! Missy Higgins and more @ the Santa Monica Pier!

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I’ll be introducing MISSY HIGGINS, KIM CHURCHILL and ANDY CLOCKWISE tonight at the pier!  Ride your bike (there’s a bike valet), bring a picnic, hang out on the beach and party with 5,000 of your new best friends and dance to the sounds of Australian pop and rock.  Check it out here.

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Product Placement Gone Wild!

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“How I Met Your Mother” aired as early as 2006.  And yet reruns for the show have product placement for current movies.  The future is here.  Can SeinfeldVision be next?  Read the full story in EW.

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H and M (that’s “Harold and Maude”) in the OC!

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Come down to Costa Mesa this Monday the 18th for a FREE OUTDOOR screening of “Harold and Maude” – Hal Ashby’s weird and wonderful tale of cross-generational love and being yourself, whoever you are – all set to an amazing soundtrack by Cat Stevens.
I’ll be introducing…come by and say hi!   It should be a gorgeous evening, and these screenings are always a blast.  And …

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Take A (Cinematic) Ride With Jesus

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Mike Schlitt’s tour de farce one-man show “Jesus Ride” takes you on a funny, weird and thought-provoking rollercoaster through Jewish Hollywood’s take on the “greatest story ever told” – with a bonus peak inside modern studio politics.  It’s all grounded in one boy’s touching relationship with show business…and his show business father.
Now playing at the Son of Semele through next weekend.  Get on the ride…before …

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I Say Ewwwww to EW

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It’s no secret that the people that cover Hollywood are in bed with Hollywood.
It’s certainly not like it was in the days of the studio system, where the press printed only what the studios fed them.  But still, when “journalists” are flown on deluxe junkets to London to cover the opening of the latest Harry Potter movie, you can’t expect them to write anything but glowing …

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