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Movies to see this weekend!

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If you can break yourself away from Olympic coverage, here are some great movies opening this weekend!
“Sacrifice” (Zhao shi gu er) is an epic tale of betrayal and revenge set in the China’s armor-clad past.  Honestly, this isn’t my cup of Oolong (these period pieces always feel terribly melodramatic to me), but it’s a beautifully made movie and  really satisfying to watch the 1% get it …

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Movies to see this weekend!

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Everywhere you go in the Dominican Republic, you see kids playing baseball. Everywhere.  “America’s Pastime” is partially an obsession in the DR because poor families see it as their ticket out.  And it’s true: a number of talented players who go through a kind of training mill are signed to significant signing bonuses every year… sometimes in the millions.  But the great new doc “Ballplayer: Pelotero” asks the …

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Movies This Weekend!

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The one new film I can really recommend this weekend is “The Do-Deca-Pentathlon” in which two estranged brothers revisit the private 25-event Olympics they created when they were kids…from ping-pong to leg wrestling to laser tag.  It’s funny, sweet and surprisingly moving to watch the two grown-ups actually grow up as a result of doing the most childish things.
The Duplass Brothers’ had been making their …

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Honey, let’s see that “Beasts” movie this weekend!

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It’s a weird phenomenon: Movies that take festivals by storm often don’t do that well in the real world. But “Beasts of the Southern Wild” will be an exception.  And if you’re going to the movies this weekened, you should go see it.

Combine “Mad Max” with “Where the Wild Things Are” and add a little “Inconvenient Truth” and you have the Sundance Grand Jury prize winner …

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Honey, what do you want to see this weekend?

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My weekly picks for what to see at your local multiplex and art theaters! 
This might be a very good weekend to avoid first-run theaters altogether…even the new indie films seem to be sucking it a bit.
I will say that last weekend I missed the opportunity to tout “Oslo, August 31st” – the latest from Norwegian Joachim Trier.  The follow-up to his equally powerful “Reprise,” he really …

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So many movies, so little time!

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Check out these wonderful films opening this weekend!
And if you’re looking for a great movie to rent, check out the Matt’s Movies list!

I’m not really a connoisseur of dance, but I’m a fan of “First Position,” a new doc that takes you to the highest levels of youth ballet.   The Youth American Grand Prix is an international competition of dancers age nine to 19 that can determine their professional …

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Tonight You’re Mine

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“Tonight You’re Mine” is just another “rock star meets girl, rock star gets handcuffed to girl, rock star falls in love with girl” story.  Set smack dab in the middle of Scotland’s T in the Park music festival, it captures all the messiness, madness and magic of a single night at one of the world’s biggest parties.  
But this film …

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The Movie List is Here! The Movie List is Here!

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The question I get asked the most is: any good movies out there?
Well, I’ll tell you.
If you’re looking for a great film to rent or stream or download or whatever this weekend or anytime, check out the Matt’s Movies list, a searchable, sortable IMDB list of just about all the great movies we’ve screened over the years.
A few little kinks are still being worked out …

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Oscar’s Foreign Films 2012

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Foreign Film is one of the Academy’s most dependable categories.  You can argue about the winner (though this year I think they got it right), you can argue about the selections, you can even argue about the process and the criteria.  But inevitably, the nominees are always very much worth seeing, and this year is no exception!

Canada, “Monsieur Lazhar”
A lovely little film about a very big subject. …

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Chinatown at Clifton’s!

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Clifton’s amazing cafeteria on Broadway downtown closed awhile back, and it was purchased by a happening developer in 2010.  The new incarnation isn’t open to the great unwashed as of yet, but for you…a special sneek peek!
Starting this weekend, they’ll be showing movies set in LA, followed by sets from local musicians and DJ’s. The frequency is TBD but it’s likely to be every other week.
They’ll start …

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