Still 3Any film released in the US that has a lot of sex gets more than it’s fair share of attention and scrutiny. And “Blue Is the Warmest Color” has a lot of sex; really, a lot of sex. Explicit, lesbian sex. Copious amounts of explicit, lesbian copulation. And so it’s getting a huge amount of attention and scrutiny, and, of course, most of it is about the sex. Add to that the stories swirling around the production, and we have an opportunity to talk about a lot of wonderfully salacious things are a distraction from the more important parts of this film.

Still 5And that’s a shame. Because while we’re talking about “scandal” and the sex – whether it’s gratuitous or important to the story and characters, whether it gets lesbian sexuality right, whether it was artfully captured or not – we’re not talking about the acting – the thrilling soaring, devastating, acting. 

Still 4I can think of only one plus side to all the sex talk; it might get some people into the theater who might otherwise avoid a three-hour French film. That’s great; but I hope all the sex talk won’t also scare some people away. Because, even the most prurient or Protestant Americans will be amazed at how effectively “Blue” gets past all that skin and goes straight to the beating heart underneath.

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