Screenshot-Blue-Caprice-615x345The random shootings of the 2002 Beltway sniper attacks paralyzed the DC area and riveted the nation. “Blue Caprice” was inspired by those horrible events, telling the story of the man who masterminded the attacks and the “adopted” son who accompanied him. This is a startling psychological film that doesn’t try to explain the killers’ motivation as much as put you in their twisted mindset.

tu-seras-mon-fils-tu-seras-mon-fils-24-08-2011-3-gYou might have trouble with some of the rather over-the-top character choices in “You Will Be My Son,” but you’ll fall in love with the setting: a Grand Cru estate in Saint Emilion. The story of the problematic relationship between the owner of a prestigious vineyard and his son, I ended up really enjoying this flawed film…and desperate for a glass of a fine red wine.

download (3)A documentary about a group of muslim comics trying to bridge the cultural divide in mid-America sounds a tad two on-the-nose to be interesting, but “The Muslims Are Coming” manages to be funny and occasionally thought-provoking. A combination of on-stage performance, behind the scenes footage, talking heads and surprinsgly moving stunts (“Hug a Muslim”), the key to the film’s success is its good nature.

harrydeanstantonpartlyfictionHarry Dean Stanton is a cult hero who’s been around the track a few times. And it’s a pretty impressive track indeed: his friends and co-workers from his 50-year career include some of the most iconic outlaws of film and music. “Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction” doesn’t attempt to tell his story in any kind of cohesive or complete way, instead creating a poignant portrait by simply pointing the camera at the man himself. He smokes, drinks and sings alot.

Also: “Wadjda” – I haven’t had a chance to see this film touted as the first feature shot entirely in Saudi Arabia. But it looks wonderful – and its a Sony Pictures Classics release, so I’m guessing it’s very much worth seeing!

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