AFM_13_1SHT_12x18_webThe American Film Market just wrapped up in Santa Monica, and soon theater-goers and TV-watchers from Bucharest to La Paz will be flooded with great American blood, gore and sex.

The AFM has come a long away from the shlock-fest it once was – these days, some pretty impressive titles go there for foreign sales and even features featuring big stars go looking for financing (see the Hollywood Reporter’s “2013 AFM A-List” for the biggest titles this year). With American blockbusters doing, well blockbuster overseas, “international” generally has a whole new (ka-ching!) meaning,

But AFM, the giant, international entertainment bazaar will always feature low-budget flicks as its stock and trade because it’s just that: International. These are the movies that translate just about anywhere; movies that even the state-run television network in some foreign communist-bloc country can afford to buy. But even the cheap stuff is looking pretty good..can you tell which of the following eight movies were featured for sale at this year’s market, and which we made up?

YouTube Preview Image

 Well, of course, they were all for sale (by Artist View Entertainment if you’re interested).

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