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And I’m the host of KCRW’s First Take Screening Series and the guy behind this blog.

It all started in 1998 with Matt’s Movies, a preview screening series for Angel members of KCRW – an awesome public radio station based in LA (become an Angel and join us HERE). I screen about a movie a month before they come out in theaters and often with a director there to answer questions. It’s also fantastic opportunity for KCRW members to meet each other!

In September 2013, Matt’s Movies became KCRW’s First Take Screening Series. To find out why we changed and what it’s all about, click HERE.

So what is this blog? Well, it’s a place to announce our screenings. But only a lucky few films are selected and I see a LOT of movies, so I thought I’d share about some of the others I’ve seen. There are really so many amazing films out there!

But the business of the movies is often as interesting as the movies themselves, and as the creator of public radio’s program about the business of show business (ingeniously named The Business) I know a little about that, too. So I decided to share some of those thoughts on the blog as well – when it doesn’t seem legally unwise.

Just an FYI, you may also know my name and voice from stories I’ve contributed to PRI’S Studio 360NPR’s Morning EditionAll Things Considered and APM’s MarketplaceI’m also an omnipresent voice during KCRW’s membership drives.

Early on, my dad exposed me to great films like “2001,” “Rashomon” and “Bananas.” Ben Holzman was an elementary school principal and a lover of film in all shapes and sizes, and he helped run an art theater in Long Beach, California for a time. So even though Matt’s Movies started only a few years ago, Matt’s love of movies started much earlier. Thanks, dad!

Me, Grandma and Dad

  • evette

    how do u receive a membership? if u dont have an i.d number

    • mholzman

      Hi! All KCRW "Angels" are invited to Matt's Movies screenings. Go to, click "donate" and become a member at the $32/month level…

      Hope to see you at the movies.


  • Marcy

    I have been an angel for several years, but, for some reason, I have not received invitations to Matt's Movies screenings in the past two years. Do you no longer send them?

    • mholzman

      We do for sure! Don't know why you haven't been getting them. Will you please send an e-mail to Thanks. M

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  • lbeluga

    I had the same problem as Marcy in not receiving invitations to Matt's Movies. This happened when I first switched from being an Angel to a Star Angel, about 2 years ago. At that time I had sent several e-mails, and thought that it was fixed. Now the membership department is going to discontinue my monthly donation!!!!???? Is there something wrong with their computer where they are looking at very old e-mails? I would hate to miss out on Matt's Movies again! Thank you.

  • Kathy lee

    Hi Matt. I am an Angel and would like to be able to watch the movies. Do I have to be on a specific email list to know which movies are coming up and sign up or do I have to keep checking the website to find out what the next screening is? It seems whenever I check your site, I see that the screening is already full but there's no option to sign up for the next one. Thank you

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  • Anonymous

    Matt-Your voice is used during a short self-promotion spot using listener’s testimonials in the vein of “I love my radio station!!!!” You must pull this immediately. I don’t listen and support the station to hear this unnecessary and adolescent puff modeled after crappy commercial radio and their undignified self-promoting plugs. It sounds ridiculous and lowers the standards. We’re not brain-dead teens.

  • Anonymous

    Matt: I am an Angel subscriber and use to get emails for the Matt’s Movies screenings. I don’t anymore and so have missed the screenings for all of 2013. What do I need to do to get notified when a screening is open for reservations? I do not have a twitter account.

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  • Dana Hodgdon

    Matt-I want you to know how much I appreciate and rely on your movie reviews. I am a psychotherapist at a non-profit agency that provides low cost services for people living with HIV/AIDS. I was especially excited to hear about your screening of The Dallas Buyers Club. I feel like I personally have a relationship with each of those characters in that movie! I wonder about having a similar screening here in Orange County to benefit our agency and the work we are doing for those living with HIV/AIDS. Could you help us arrange such an event?
    Thanks again!

  • John G. Hill

    I understand that although I’m only a $5 a month member, I am eligible for the screenings if the Angels can’t fill the theater. So, where do I go to find that out, and is there some kind of alert I can subscribe to?

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  • Nanette

    When the Arclight South Bay came into being, there were one or two Matt’s Movies shown. Is there anything in the works to air films there or in the vicinity again? It’s all but impossible to get to Hollywood on a weeknight. Don’t forget us South Bay supporters! There are art film houses in Los Angeles, but we have none!

  • Marcy

    Matt, once again, I’m not receiving notifications of movies, although I’ve been an angel for years. What do I need to do to get this corrected?