Sorry you missed our First Take Screening.
Make sure you’re a KCRW Sustaining Member and join us next time!

Last night’s screening can only be described as a hoot. And the conversation about this very, um, unusual, movie following the screening was wild. This is one of those Rorschach test movies, and it was fascinating to hear what people took away from it: Seventh Seal, 2001, William Locke, Spaghetti Western, it went on and on. A lot of people who said they didn’t get it had tons to say; in the course of one sentence people went form lovers to haters and back again. Some folks thought the film was about death, some people thought life, some people said friendship. One thing is for sure: while it isn’t for everyone, you have to love a film that generates such animated discussion. And you just can’t deny the mastery of its craft – acting, photography, sound, costume, writing, music…and it’s funny. This is not a film that takes itself too seriously. I hope you’ll go see it when it comes out in February!

Note: Drafthouse hasn’t premiered the official US trailer…this is the UK version!
YouTube Preview Image

A Field in England” is a war period piece, a horror film, a comedy of errors and an avante-garde experiment all rolled into one big question; think “Barry Lyndon” meets David Lynch.

UK auteur director Ben Wheatley already has a reputation for the weird and the wonderful with “Down Terrace,” “Kill List” and “Sightseers.” He calls this one “a psychedelic trip into magic and madness.” It’s sure to be one of the most talked about movies of 2014. You can start the conversation when First Take screens this mind-blowing movie for KCRW’s monthly members on Tuesday, January 7th at the Writer’s Guild Theater in Beverly Hills.

Doors open for fabulous complimentary Lola Kay wine and no-host food trucks and music at 6:00, the film starts at 7:30.

WARNING: There are scenes with strobing lights and loud music,
a little violence and strong language and whole lotta weird.


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  • reznathoth

    I can’t thank you enough for opening these screenings to $10/month members. The new theater is amazing, the food trucks are outstanding, the wine is wonderful; Thank you so much, Matt!!!

    • Matt Holzman

      Alas, they won’t always be open to $10/month members, but I’m thrilled we can do it sometimes!

  • James McCarthy

    I screened this film for a film festival. It is genuinely brilliant. Go see it. It features amazing writing, superb acting, and wonderful cinematography. If you like Shakespeare this film is definitely for you. It is both very Shakespearean and very contemporary in it sensibilities. Comparisons to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead would be very apt. Dead Man also comes to mind. Again, go see this film. You will be rewarded.

    • Matt Holzman

      Thanks, Guest!

  • Matt Holzman

    Here’s a comment e-mailed to me today!

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for screening “A Field in England” for us on Tuesday. I have to say that when the credits started rolling I was about to turn around and ask you: “Why?! Why would you do that to us?!” (I guess you knew to get out of there quickly). However, by the time that I was riding away, I already wanted to see more of the film. I wanted to see it again!

    Fantastic choice! All of my friends are going suffer through it. Some of them will never forgive me. Others will make their friends suffer through it, in turn. I hope I’m at each of the subsequent screenings that I instigate, directly and indirectly.

    Christopher Sundberg
    KCRW member
    National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow
    UCLA Department of Human Genetics