This Week on DnA: Harald Belker Talks Automated Cars, Marlyn Musicant on Union Station at 75; Avishay Artsy on a Feminist Architect


LA has long been celebrated as a city of “mobility.” But now the region has become so gridlocked people are looking for new ways to keep on moving. Harald Belker talks about the automated cars he designed for fantasy — Minority Report and the consumer robotics game Anki – and what they mean for real cars.

Union Station celebrates its 75th birthday as rail transit in LA undergoes a revival, with 60,000 people using the station daily, and a huge expansion being planned. But the process of getting the now beloved station built was fraught with hostilities, delays and downright racism. Marlyn Musicant tells the story.

Avishay Artsy talks about a centennial celebration of Llano Del Rio, a socialist living experiment in Palmdale and its feminist architect Alice Constance Austin, who tried to use design and planning to free women of housework and childcare.