The Burbuja Has Landed

We’re almost done! Just three months ago we launched a competition on DnA to find a designer of a sound booth for the independent radio project, Sonic Trace. In June we announced the winner. Now, after weeks of sleepless nights and head-scratching days — trying to figure out how to build the curvacious structure and clad it in a scratch-proof silvery surface, all for an insanely low budget and tight deadline — Hugo Martinez, Christin To and the team at Mat-ter’s studio in Newbury have pulled if off. Tonight you can see the almost-complete Burbuja (shown left, wearing its coat of primer), celebrate the launch of Sonic Trace, hopefully help contribute to funding the last stretch, and sign your name on the bubble for posterity. The party will be at Guelaguetza restaurant. We’d love to see you there.

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