Steve Jobs changed the way we interact with technology

The sleek, distinctive look of Apple’s products certainly changed the world of industrial design. But the revered Steve Jobs also changed the way that designers interact with technology with the Macintosh, a personal computer introduced in 1984 that is now used by most of the world’s graphic designers.

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And speaking of innovative Macintosh design – a designer takes the bubbly fun iMac of yesteryear and transforms them into fish aquariums! Learn more about these Macquariums on the InHabitat Blog.

But, on a more serious note: One of the reasons that designers embraced the Mac was because it was the first computer to contain multiple typefaces and proportionally spaced fonts, which eventually became standard on many computers. On this week’s radio broadcast of Design & Architecture, Frances Anderton explores how Steve Jobs became so interested in type.

After dropping out of Reed College, he stuck around campus to audit classes and happened to attend a “calligraphy” class. Frances heads to the home of DeAnn Singh, a teacher and calligrapher, to learn about the craft of calligraphy and how it may have influenced Jobs.

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  • Apple suck , Microsoft rules.. yes apple changed the world by selling cheap plastic 3000% over its true value. Laptop pc is still the best!

  • Very true! Steve Jobs was an idol for the latest technologist and his apple products totally change our mind. Thanks for a bit impression about hit. thanks! 🙂

  • Very rightly mentioned. He changed the way we interact with technology and also he raised the level of our expectations from the devices.

  • Very nice words R.I.P Steve Jobs